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May 9 - Pentecost

May 09, 2021

May 9 -  Pentecost

There’s power in the blood of Jesus! Watch and praise Him HERE

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Today we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the start of the Church. Watch the story HERE.

Talk Together: 

 - When Jesus went up into Heaven He told His disciples He would send them a gift. What was it and how was it a gift for them?

- What happened when the flames of fire landed on their heads adn they could speak about Jesus in many languages? How did they live their lives after that? 

- What did they do that we can do today in living our lives for Jesus and with the gift of the Holy Spirit? 

Pray Together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, thank you that you live in our lives and help teach us about Jesus, in Whose Name we pray, Amen. 

Jesus is alive and He loves me! And we can give away that Good News! Watch and praise Him HERE.

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