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May 2 - Jesus' Ascension into Heaven

May 02, 2021

May 2 -  Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven

There’s no friend like Jesus! Watch and praise Him HERE

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40 days after His resurrection Jesus was taken up to Heaven to rule at God’s right hand. Watch the story HERE.

Talk Together: 

 - What did Jesus teach the people during the 40 days?

- Why do you think Jesus went to Heaven?

- Jesus rose from the dead so that YOU can have life forever with Him. Then ascended into Heaven so He can see and rule over ALL of us. How does knowing that make a difference in what you say and do and how you live your life?

Pray Together:

Dear Jesus, thank you for living and dying for me. Thank you for rising again so I can have new life forever with you in Heaven. Amen. 

Jesus is alive and we can trust Him! Watch and praise Him HERE.

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