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January 3 - The Wise Men and the Star

January 03, 2021

January 3 - The Wise Men and the Star

Today we’re following the Star along with the Wise Men. Watch and praise Him HERE

(Remember you may have some YouTube ads pop up. You can skip them after just a few seconds.)

Wise men came from the East following a star to find where Jesus was born. Watch HERE. 

Talk Together: 

 - What were the wise men looking for?

- Why do you think they stopped in Jerusalem and asked King Herod where to go?

- Jesus is the Light of the World! Just like the wise men followed the star, we follow Jesus! How can you follow Him day by day?

Pray Together:

Dear God, thank you for your great plan and for sending Jesus into the world to be our Savior. Help us learn to love him more and more each day. Help us follow Him every day. Amen.

Go and tell that Jesus is born! Sing along HERE.

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