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Current Series

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Psalm 23 is a beloved and beautiful reminder of who our Good Shepherd is. Join us as we study this beloved poem and are reminded that Jesus is our Good Shepherd for all of life.

Grace Upon Grace

In this study of Ephesians, we learn that God's grace is infinite for us in Christ Jesus.

God's Work Our Witness

In Acts 2, Peter calls the disciples witnesses to the work of God. The job of the church then and now is to celebrate and share the work of God in Jesus Christ with the whole world.

Power of the Resurrection

Paul says the goal of his life is to know the power of the resurrection. What would your life look like if you had the same goal? This sermon series looks at the reality of the Christian life lived by the power of Jesus and the resurrection.

The Heart of the Church

The Heart of the Church is sharing the Gospel so that those who are far from God may know the new and eternal life that is found in Jesus.