Lent 2020

Lent Devotional

Lent Devotional

Lent is a time for focused reflection, growth, and repentance in the Christian life. A great way to make the most out of the season of Lent is to spend time studying God's Word and praying. Lutheran Hour Ministries has created a wonderful devotional for the season of Lent.

Every Lenten season, we reflect on God’s work on our behalf through the telling of Christ’s Passion. In Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free, we remember our Savior’s triumphal act of redemption in Israel’s exodus from captivity in Egypt. Just as Moses led Israel to the Promised Land, Jesus won victory for us through His life, death, and resurrection. In both events, God saves His people. But, through Jesus, God saves completely. Since creation, God has been setting us free. From Adam and Eve’s transgression to Israel’s slavery in Egypt to mankind’s bondage to sin and death, God liberates the captive! In Deliver Us: Jesus Sets Us Free, you’ll see God’s love in action—working His purposes through human affairs, drawing us into a relationship with Him. Even as Moses (a kind of redeemer) foreshadowed the work of Christ (our ultimate Redeemer), we remember with awe and humility the pains God took to win us back to Himself, sparing not His only Son.

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Jesus Sets Us Free - LHM Devotional

Jesus Sets Us Free - LHM Devotional (large print)