July 27, 2020

On Sunday, July 26, I preached about how Jesus made sharing the Gospel the main priority of His ministry and that as a church and Christians we are called to do the same.

At the end of the sermon I shared a tool that has been helpful for me called: "BLESS"

"BLESS" is an acronym to give us simple steps and reminders on how to develop habits and relationships for sharing the Gospel with others.

Begin with prayer: we want to pray for people who do not believe in Jesus to come to a saving faith in Him. We also want to pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

Listen: we want to listen to people's stories. The Bible tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve. We want to celebrate with people and comfort them; and we learn how to do this and love them well by listening.

Eat: We want to spend time with people and a great way to do this (one that Jesus did) is to eat meals with people. Spend time with others, invite them into your home and share your lives with others.

Serve: Jesus taught that He came to serve not be served. We want to follow His example and find ways to help and serve others.

Share the story: We want to ultimately bless other people by sharing the story of what Jesus has done for us and what Jesus has done for them.

I hope this tool is helpful to you in developing habits and rhythms that will lead to opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

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