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Bible Reading Guide

Download the Bible Reading Guide

As a church, we want to be people shaped and formed by
God’s Word. We have put together a reading plan to help
us as a church grow in our hearing and doing of God’s

Reading the Bible for the first time or starting a discipline
of doing it everyday can feel intimidating. No matter your
experience, knowledge, or schedule you can do this. And
when you do, you will be blessed. Jesus Himself promises
that we are blessed by reading Scripture.
We have set the plan up so you can start it and use it any
time of year. You can choose to read the whole Bible, just
the Old Testament, or just the New Testament.

Crossway Publishing found through research that the
average reader can read the entire Bible in one year by
reading for only 12 minutes a day. You can read the whole
New Testament in a year with just 3 minutes of reading
every day.

As you start this journey, remember to trust Jesus in
His promises that you will be blessed by it.

Grace + Peace
Pastor Mark

Download the Bible Reading Guide